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Create high impact listings that sell.


The cutting edge of real estate listings is the use of drones to photograph or film a property. Implementing this technology could be one thing that sets your agency apart. Drone photography offers versatile and unique ways to capture a property—and the attention of buyers. 

Pay Less
While aerial photography is no newcomer to the real estate industry, it was limited to high-end properties due to the costs of capturing video and photography from a helicopter. Drone photography makes bird's-eye views much more affordable. If you hire a certified, commercial drone pilot, your high-quality aerial footage will cost you a small fraction of the cost of helicopter photography.

Get Noticed by Buyers and Sellers
According to the National Association of Realtors®, nearly half of all homebuyers in 2016 turned to online listings as their first step in the process. In this age of digital marketing, making excellent first impressions with the use of professional video and images matters more than ever. High-quality video footage and aerial photos can make your listing stand out from other properties.

When a homeowner is ready to sell, drone photography can make you look savvier than other listing agents and inspire confidence in sellers.

Leverage Social Media
Social media is an inexpensive way to put your listings right in front of a targeted audience, and it works. The National Association of REALTORS® also reported that 80 percent of people surveyed used Facebook to look at potential properties. Create eye-catching video tours that'll engage your audience on social. Facebook's new algorithm gives priority to video content, making these posts more visible for your target audience.

Show Off a Property's Features
If you're trying to sell a property with land features such as a pool, beautiful landscaping or lakefront acreage, an aerial image of the entire property can be a great way to showcase its most marketable aspects. 

Demonstrate Proximity
Location, location, location. Sometimes a home's most desirable feature is what's nearby. Aerial photography makes it easy to highlight a property's proximity to other neighborhood features, such as a beach, a school or a downtown shopping district. Don't tell prospective buyers that a home is "just steps from the beach" or "a short walk to the school"—use aerial video to show them the home's surroundings and proximity to the best the area has to offer.
If you're not already using aerial photography to market your properties, now is the perfect time to see if it will work for you.
Contact us for a free quote. Package deals available as well as hourly service rates. 

Individual Basic 1 or 2 structures up to $1M    $400 
Includes 5-10 stills, various angles and elevations
Travel with 50 miles of Allentown, PA