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Real Estate

Enhance your listings with aerial photos and videos


Farm, construction view your progress from above. We can create an automated flight plan that, once created, can be executed repeatedly capturing photos or video from the same points.  


Add context to your story with epic b roll.

YouTube Channels

Mattes Media -Olivia and Dad vs the World - Scott Mattes

Mattes Media

The YouTube channel for Mattes Media

Olivia and Dad vs the World

Vlogs from cross country trips and other adventures.

Scott Mattes

"Aerial videos of cool stuff"

Favorite locations and subjects.


Passion for beauty and accuracy

Mattes Media was founded by an engineer of a medical imaging company who is also an avid aerial landscape photographer.

Our company mission is to provide a services that combine creative vision and design sense with the technical expertise and tools to provide superb aerial imaging at a reasonable price. The technology for aerial imaging and high quality production is growing in leaps and bounds. The tools available today, not available just a decade ago, can provide customers with truly superb and epic visions at surprisingly low prices.



Lehigh Valley, PA 18045

(267) 691 0800

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